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Please Enjoy my 25 Romantic Dates for the Christmas Season! Make sure to read to the end of my post to “hop” to the next blogger!

Romantic Christmas Dates
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The Christmas season is finally here! One of my favorite things to do is watch Christmas movies. I LOVE to sit in front of the fireplace and watch movies from my childhood such as Rudolph, The Grinch, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town (They never get old)!! However, one of my recent favorites is The Holiday!

The Holiday

Watching “The Holiday” reminds me of the need for Romance in my own life. But…I have two kids under the age of three, a job, and just the typical stress of everyday life. My  husband and I can’t always “jet off ” to a romantic getaway like Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet!

Romantic Dates don’t have to be in an exotic location, cost a lot of money, or even require you to leave your home (no babysitter needed)! I have created a list of romantic and inexpensive dates to do with your spouse to countdown to Christmas!

My Hubby and I



Day 1: On a small notecard, write down one thing you love about your partner, EACH DAY, until Christmas (Shh!)

Day 2: Purchase a Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree. Write the date on the ornament/box so you can cherish the memory for many years!

Day 3:  Bake your favorite childhood Christmas Cookies(Bake some with the kiddos, but save one to make just with your spouse)

Day 4: Brew up some hot cocoa and watch your favorite ANIMATED Christmas movie(RudolphCharlie Brown ChristmasMickey’s Christmas Carol!)

Day 5: Hop in the car and look at Christmas lights!

Day 6: Fill “blessing bags” for adults and children and drop them off to your local shelter.

Day 7: Dollar Tree Gift…This one is fun, and usually hilarious. Go to a dollar store with a $5 limit. Purchase random, and silly things for your spouse. Exchange them after the kiddos are in bed (with wine of course).

Day 8: Naughty and Nice…Do something nice for your spouse. Do Something Naughty to/for your spouse(I’ll leave this one up for interpretation! wink**)

Day 9: Watch a community event such as a high school basketball game, or a community theatre Christmas production.

Day 10: Visit a Holiday Expo/ Winter Farmers Market/or Christmas Craft Show in your community

Day 11: Go ice skating(I’m going to try it for the first time this year)

Day 12: Break out one of those vintage 1000 piece Christmas puzzles and work on it(with wine of course). BONUS-you can continue to work on it together until Christmas!

Day 13: Pinterest Date…Look up an idea on Pinterest such as a craft, tradition, or recipe…and do it!

Day 14: Bundle up, pour a cup of Hot Chocolate (with peppermint schnapps), and enjoy the Christmas lights in your neighborhood

Day 15: Have another Christmas movie night….but this time, watch one of your non-animated favorites(Elf, National Lampoons, Christmas with the Kranks, The Holiday)

Day 16: Let your creativity “run wild” and purchase a gingerbread making kit. Do it together, or have a contest (your kiddos can judge in the morning-winner does the laundry)!

Day 17: Spend the day Christmas Shopping- make sure to stop and get your favorite food court treat!

Day 18: Play board games by the fireplace

Day 19: Eat dinner by candlelight(Even it it’s pizza)!

Day 20: Drive a few miles out of town, turn up the Christmas music, and enjoy the breathtaking winter scenery

Day 21: Deliver toys to a children’s hospital, shelter, or Toys for Tots location

Day 22: Read Luke Chapter 2 vs. 1-20 while you sit by the fireplace

Day 23: Grab some eggnog, scissors, tape, and have a “Wrapping Party!!!” It has to get done…might as well make a date out of it!!

Day 24: Turn on the fireplace (Netflix has a “crackling fireplace” if you don’t have a real one), open up a bottle of wine, and talk and laugh about Christmas memories. Then, look into the future…what will Christmas be like in the future?

Day 25: Remember all those notecards you have been filling out (from day one)? Put them in a red envelope and give to your Spouse as  special Christmas Gift. I bet this will be their FAVORITE gift!

I hope you enjoyed your stop at Running with Love and Coffee !

PLEASE HOP TO DANA VON TONGERAN  she will get you ready for your next holiday party with a Polar Express Hot Chocolate Bar!



“Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night”


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